a look at The Alex Conner Chronicles by Parker Sinclair #Paranormal #Romance #UrbanFantasy @parker_sinclair @SDSXXTours

Trust The Alex Conner Chronicles Book 1 by Parker Sinclair Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy Alex Conner’s memories of the vile man she exiled using supernatural powers inherited from her mother are all but breaking into her living hours, and nothing is working to keep her nightmares at bay. Can Alex solve this mystery before …

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Down & Dirty in the kitchen with CR Moss #DownandDirty #D&D @CRMoss @romancerebels69

Come check out my visit & recipe on Sarah Marsh’s blog!

Sarah Marsh

Today we have fellow Down & Dirty author CR Moss with us to share one of her favorite recipes, along with her story in the anthology, Keep You Safe!


A stalked artist. A sexy wrangler. She’d watched over him once upon a time. Now it’s his turn to keep her safe.

Keep Her Safe Blurb:

I’m Professor Arianna Perez, and I’ve been asked if I’ll ever trust, let alone love, another man again. After dumping an abusive boyfriend, I doubted I would. At least, that’s how I felt until fate had sexy wrangler, Kian Bishop, reappearing in my life in a way I never expected.

Against my better judgement, I fell hard for the cowboy, believing everything he said, including how he wanted to treat me like a queen and keep me safe. Little did I know, though, that the circumstances that’d brought us together could also tear us…

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