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Today we have author Vella Munn visiting. Welcome!

What would you like to tell readers about yourself?

* Vella Munn freely admits to being a dedicated and sometimes demented fiction writer. She has always been drawn to nature and those who feel at home in it. A career writer, she has had way over 60 books published, most of them romances both past and present. As far as personal statistics go, she has one husband, two sons, four grandchildren, and is owned by two rescue dogs. Home is southern Oregon within a two hour drive of Crater Lake. She frequently visits Montana in her mind and heart.

Today Vella Munn will be talking about {how she/he handles balancing life and writing — how she/he became a writer and what inspired her/him in regard to the story she’s/he’s promoting — What sparked the idea for the story/series? — What are the best and worst pieces of writing advice you ever received?}.
* Before I dive into trying to answer, how about a disclaimer? I’ve been writing since dirt was new and figure I’ve written at least 70 books. What that means is, this crazy career has used up a lot of brain cells. Plus, I’ve forgotten most of what I was told back when I was trying to figure things out. As my stack of published fiction grows, people with advice to offer pretty much leave me alone. Maybe it’s because they’re impressed but its highly likely my crossed eyes and bruised forehead from banging my head on my desk scares them away.
* This doesn’t really constitute writing advice but for those who are starting on this journey, I’d like to describe something that happened back when I was writing category romances for Harlequin. It was a matter of my being in the right place at the right time which often happens in this business. Harlequin was expanding into the United States and American might have been the first line developed to test the waters. At the time my sons were playing Little League so I wrote about a couple involved in minor league baseball. What could be more American, right? I remember the giddy day that first book sold. No dummy I, I wrote more romances I believed would fit in the line and they all sold.
* Then responses from the editor started taking longer and longer. By then I had an agent. One day she called to let me know my editor had sent a manuscript back to her which meant it had been rejected. I was of course crushed, even more so when my agent read a note the editor had inadvertently included that said something along the lines of, “But she still can’t write.” In other words, the Harlequin door was closed to me.
* If I’d believed that editor, I might have stopped writing. Needless to say, my ego took a big hit, but several other publishers were accepting category romances and my agent wanted to submit my fiction to them. She did, I started selling again, and a year or so later that editor was fired.
* As for out and out writing advice of the positive sort, I’d written over 20 category romances and was burning out but didn’t know what else to try that would pay the bills. I pissed and moaned to that same agent who let me in on a bit of a secret. Historicals were growing in popularity and if I was smart, I’d write a historical romance. “But I’ve never done that, I like contemporary, I don’t want to do all that research, etc, etc,” I told her.
* “Vella,” she interrupted. “You live in a National Historical Landmark. Now shut up and start writing.” (She was gentle that way with me). Grumbling, I headed for the museum which was about two miles from where I lived and started researching the town. What fascinated me wasn’t the town’s history but the world of the Native Americans who lived in the area before gold was discovered. The more I read about Native American history, culture, beliefs, and society, the more I fell in love. The first book I wrote drawing on that love affair sold as did the next eight.
* Although I’m not currently writing historicals, my fiction still often features Native American characters. In fact, the hero and heroine in my latest romantic suspense Death Chant are Pacific Northwest Indians.
* Thankfully I indeed shut up and started writing.
* And here’s my own piece of advice. Keep a close eye on the market. I’m not saying to follow hot trends since they go so fast, but look at what small epublishers are putting out because they can change course quicker than the big publishers can. They keep a close eye on what appeals to readers. So should writers. The epublisher Ellora’s Cave discovered readers’ unfulfilled desire for erotic romances. Traditional publishers weren’t comfortable venturing into those ‘forbidden’ waters but the appetite EC nurtured led to an explosion of sexy stories.
* There might be another appetite waiting to be discovered. It’s off to the races for the writers who are in on the discovery.

A look into…


~ Blurb ~

* Winter Barstow knows nothing of her past or ethnic heritage. Everything changes when Doc, her mentor, sends her an authentic ceremonial wolf mask from Olympic National Forest.
* Then Doc disappears. Winter goes to the mysterious forest where she’s confronted by Native American ranger Jay Raven, who has no love for Doc.
* Still, Jay can’t walk away from Winter. Not only has a spirit wolf reached out to her, but he also suspects she’s in terrible danger…and his growing feelings for her are too strong to ignore.

~ Excerpt ~

* You imagined the sound, she told herself. Just the same, she slid her hand under her shirt and stroked her tattoo. Doing so eased some of her tension.
* After climbing the four steps leading to the office and reaching the porch, she reached for the knob. Before she could turn it, the door opened. She stared up at a man dressed in Forest Service olive green, who was looking back inside, giving her time to study him. He wasn’t particularly tall, probably not quite six feet. His shoulders were broad, his chest and arms substantial, belly flat and thighs thick.
* Whatever life throws at me, his form said, I can handle it.
* “I figured you’d say it isn’t in the budget,” the ranger said to whoever was inside, “but there’s considerable social media talk about the trails’ poor upkeep. People aren’t going to come where they can’t get around.”
* Deep-set coal-black eyes regarded her. His face was more round than oval, and his dusky skin looked as if it spent a lot of time being subjected to the environment. She noted thick, coarse, short black hair.
* He looked down at her, making her feel small and vulnerable. Exposed. She grew frustrated with her reaction. This was simply a man. She looked at his name tag. Jay Raven.
* She felt lightheaded and emotionally unbalanced.
* “I’m sorry, but Potlatch isn’t open to the public,” he said.
* “I’m here looking for Dr. Anthony Gilsdorf. He—”
* Eyes widening and expression sobering, he held up a hand. His lips parted, but he didn’t immediately speak. “You’re Winter Barstow, right?”

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Thank you for joining us here today, Vella Munn! It was a pleasure getting to know you and your story.

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